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Cosmetic Dentist in Newtown Shares 4 Veneer Maintenance Tips

June 10, 2017

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Your cosmetic dentist in Newtown recommends practicing good oral hygiene to keep veneers strong. Are you searching for a dental procedure that will provide a long-lasting, beautiful smile? Look no further. Custom porcelain veneers that can solve your smile issues are right under your nose! Instead of google searching to find the closest dentist, consider visiting an expert cosmetic dentist in Newtown at The Dentists of Newtown. If you’ve been struggling to reach your highest quality of life because you feel less than confident about your chipped, discolored, or unevenly spaced teeth, we can help you! We also provide all our patients the tips and information you need to maintain your porcelain veneers for years to come.

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers in Newton are a modern dentistry solution. Using advanced, high-quality dental materials, our cosmetic dentists can create thin but strong ceramic shells that are personalized to fit permanently on the front of your teeth. Veneers can be used to reshape, repair, and whiten your teeth. They’re not only versatile, but they’re stain-resistant and camouflage among your natural smile effortlessly! Your veneers can cover up plenty of imperfections like chips, cracks, gaps, misalignments, and misshapen teeth for years and years with the help of these 4 maintenance tips.

1.         Practice good oral hygiene!

If you want your new smile to last long, you must keep your both your gums and your teeth strong. Good oral hygiene directly correlates to a long-lasting, healthy smile which is necessary for your veneers to last. Brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, along with professional cleanings at our Newtown office will keep your natural smile fit and your porcelain veneers bright and shining.

2.         Don’t Bite Hard Objects or Food!

Even with your natural teeth, you should avoid biting objects that put your teeth at risk for cracking, fracturing, or chipping—but this is especially important with veneers. Remember, your teeth and/or veneers are not meant to be used like scissors! They’re meant to help you chew and bite into foods. Veneers will eventually tear, chip, or break from using your teeth for anything else. Veneers can withstand normal biting pressure, but their long lifetime can be cut short if they are exposed to unnatural pressures.

3.         Avoid Foods and Beverages That Can Stain!

One of the best aspects of your veneers is that they resistant to stains. But, it’s better to not challenge your new smile. If you drink dark substances like black tea or coffee, stains will eventually occur over the years. It is okay to enjoy these foods and drinks sometimes, but indulge moderately with your smile in mind. Rinse your mouth afterward so that the lingering staining foods and drinks can be washed away.

4.         Visit Our Office Semiannually!

Visiting your dentist every 6 months is very important to the maintenance of your veneers and the overall health of your teeth. During each dental appointment, we will perform professional cleanings and dental exams. This preventive care avoids huge dental problems down the road for both your natural teeth and veneers.

Are You Ready for Your New Smile to Last a Lifetime?

Getting porcelain veneers is just the first step to a healthy new smile. Maintaining them is highly important to keep that new smile. Remember to follow these tips and schedule your regular dental appointments with The Dentists of Newtown. Contact us today to book your next visit.

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