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Your Dentist in Newtown, PA Explains Sugar & Tooth Decay

April 28, 2017

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When’s the last time you scheduled an appointment with your family dentist in Newtown, PA?You may wonder why your dentist in Newtown, PA even cares to inform patients about the drinks their deciding to drink. The truth is that the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is associated not only with horrible cases of tooth decay and other dental concerns, but general health concerns are also closely linked to diabetes and obesity. Our dental professionals are concerned about your overall health, not solely your teeth and gums although that’s the area of your body that we’re specialized in. By highlighting the harmful amounts of sugar and acid in sweetened beverages like sodas, energy, and sports drinks, we’re hoping to encourage our patients to rethink what they’re choosing to put in their bodies.

Sugar & Acid:  A Toxic Combination for Your Teeth

We’re sure you’ve heard your dentists growing up tell you to stay away from all the candy. After all, “you don’t want a cavity!” But did they ever explain how sugars and acid create one of the most toxic combinations for your teeth?

Tooth decay occurs when sugar combines with lingering bacteria in your mouth. This produces toxic acid in your mouth. This acid steadily attacks your teeth along with the acid that’s already in the type of drink you’re enjoying. Even “diet” or “sugar-free” drinks still contain acid that can harm your teeth. If you’re constantly attacking your smile with substantial amounts of sugar and acid, you will weaken your tooth enamel and be susceptible to dental problems like cavities and tooth loss.

Highly Acidic Drinks

You should try to eliminate these drinks from your diet altogether for the improvement of your dental health and overall health. If you’re wondering whether you should drink a certain soft drink, refer to this chart to see which drinks are the most harmful to your teeth.


  • Coca-Cola—In a serving size of 375ml, there are 40g of sugar.
  • Sprite—In serving size of 600ml, there are 61g of sugar.
  • Fanta—In a serving size of 375ml, there are 42g of sugar.

Energy and Sports Drinks

  • Red Bull—In a serving of 250ml, there are 27g of sugar.
  • Gatorade—In a serving of 600ml, there are 36g of sugar.
  • Powerade—In a serving of 600ml, there are 34g of sugar.

Fight Tooth Decay

A cavity here and there may not seem like a big deal—but it really is. When your teeth are weak enough to get a cavity, that means that your enamel (the protective layer of your teeth, which is literally the hardest protective layer your body is armed with) was worn down enough to cause a dental problem. To avoid tooth decay you should:

  • Drink soft drinks and energy drinks in low moderation, if at all.
  • Use a straw when you do indulge in sugary drinks to protect your teeth from the acid.
  • Rinse your mouth with water after having a high-sugar drink.
  • Protect your teeth by using an ADA certified fluoride toothpaste.
  • Drink fluoride enriched waters.

Visit Your Family Dentist in Newtown, PA

Another great way to fight tooth decay is scheduling and keeping your regular dental appointments at our Newtown dental office. Our dentists examine your teeth thoroughly for signs of tooth decay, help prevent cavities with dental sealants if needed, and professionally clean your teeth to avoid acidic build-up. When’s the last time you visited the Dentists of Newtown? Contact us today to book your next appointment.


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