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Don’t Like Pain? Here’s How You Can Prevent Dental Emergencies

April 18, 2020

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Man needs treatment from an emergency dentist in Newtown.

Most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about our teeth, but the moment something goes wrong with one, it’s hard to focus on anything else. The inability to talk, eat, or drink due to the pain makes a dental emergency extremely frustrating. If you find yourself with one, you can still visit an emergency dentist in Newtown for treatment, but if you’d like to try and prevent them entirely, there are things you can do. Read on to find out about five strategies you can use to avoid dental emergencies.

#1 – Brush and Floss Your Teeth After Each Meal

The key to preventing most dental emergencies is making sure the bacteria in your mouth don’t have the chance to cause significant tooth decay. Bacteria thrive on leftover food particles, so by brushing your teeth after every meal, you’re removing what they need to survive.

A toothbrush isn’t the only tool you’ll need. Bits of food tend to get trapped in the spaces between your teeth. These areas are often difficult to clean with a regular toothbrush. A quick pass with dental floss will take care of them easily.

#2 – Avoid Dangerous Snacks

Everyone loves a snack in the middle of the day, but the type you choose can have an impact on the health of your teeth. Snacks that sweet and sticky are the most dangerous. They cling to your teeth and give bacteria plenty of time and energy to cause tooth decay. Even worse, some snacks are acidic, so they weaken the protective enamel layer on your teeth. Examples of snacks to avoid are:

  • Gummy Candies
  • Crackers
  • Dried Fruits
  • Sodas
  • Coffee

Extremely hard snacks are also ones you should look out for. Trying to chew foods like hard candies, ice, and popcorn kernels can actually cause cracks in your teeth.

#3 – Protect Your Teeth During Sports

Your teeth are strong, but they’re not indestructible. Playing close contact sports leaves your teeth vulnerable to injury from a sudden impact. Wearing a mouthguard provides your teeth with a shield to protect them from being chipped or cracked during a game.

#4 – Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Dental practices currently can’t schedule preventive visits due to COVID-19, but you should plan on having one soon after they become available. Regular cleanings and checkups provide you with an extra layer of protection. During these visits, a dentist can identify and treat small issues that you might not have even noticed, thereby saving you from unexpected pain in the future.

#5 – Wear a Nightguard

Many people grind or clench their teeth at night in response to stress. These behaviors generate tremendous forces, which result in small fractures on the surfaces of your teeth. Eventually, teeth can become so weak that they may crack open entirely. Wearing a nightguard helps by preventing your upper teeth from making direct contact with your lower teeth. If you’re unable to visit your dentist to have a nightguard made, you can take steps at home to reduce grinding at night. These can include:

  • Meditating daily
  • Avoiding caffeinated beverages before bed
  • Writing down sources of stress in a journal

No one has time for a dental emergency in their life. Using these tips can keep your teeth healthy and minimize your chance of having to deal with a surprise dental problem.

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Dentists of Newtown is currently open to treat emergency dental cases. Their team of dentists has decades of experience across many disciplines, allowing them to handle nearly all problems in house. If you think you might need emergency dental care, you can reach them at their website or at 215-579-9900.

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