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Your Dentist Explains the Importance of Caring for Baby Teeth

October 16, 2017

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young child smiling“Baby teeth fall out anyway, so it’s not important to take care of them.” Too many parents have uttered those words without understanding how wrong they are. Taking care of your child’s teeth from the time that first pearly white makes an appearance can benefit your little one for the rest of their life. Your family dentist in Newtown is here to explain why taking care of primary (baby) teeth is so important.

You Don’t Want Your Child to Be in Pain

Teething is an uncomfortable experience for babies. They may cry a lot because they have sore gums as their teeth erupt. Not only does your heart hurt because your little one is in pain, but you’re also not getting as much asleep as you would like due to all of the crying. While you can’t avoid teething, you can avoid some of the other pain that your child might experience because of what is going on in their mouth.

Just like adult teeth, baby teeth can get cavities, and those cavities can lead to infections. You don’t want your child to end up with an agonizing toothache, and you certain don’t want to spend extra money on dental procedures for your little one that could have been prevented.

Baby Teeth Clear the Way for Adult Teeth

Adult teeth are meant to last for a lifetime, and it’s a parent’s responsibility to make sure that those teeth have a great start. Grown-up pearly whites are developing under the gum line well before you can see them. The baby teeth serve as placeholders in the jaw. If the primary teeth fall out before the adult chompers are ready to erupt, those permanent teeth may drift. The result could be a crooked smile that requires orthodontic intervention later on.

Baby Teeth Are Important for Your Child’s Development

Primary teeth are involved in your child’s development in a few important ways:

  • Baby teeth help a child to articulate their speech properly. If those teeth fall out because they aren’t well cared for, your baby may struggle to learn how to talk.
  • Without strong teeth, your child will find it difficult to enjoy nutritious foods. They could struggle to eat vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, which are essential in a young person’s development.
  • Emotional health often has a connection to appearance. If your child is self-conscious because their teeth aren’t in good shape, they could struggle for years to learn how to be confident.

There are few things as precious as a child’s smile, and you want your baby to have the brightest smile on the playground! Care well for their primary teeth, and make regular appointments for son or daughter with your dentist in Newtown from the time their first tooth appears. You’ll be setting your little one up for a lifetime for happy smiles!

About The Dentists of Newtown

The team of dental professionals at The Dentists of Newtown provides comprehensive oral healthcare for patients of all ages, including young children. If you have questions about how to make sure your baby’s teeth stay in great shape, contact our North Sycamore Street office at 215-579-9900 or our Durham Road office at 215-598-0800.

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