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How Can I Fix My Loose Denture in Newtown?

December 25, 2018

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For hundreds of years, dentures have given people a full smile when they are missing teeth. Thankfully, dental technology has come a long way since George Washington’s famous dentures. Now, dentists can expertly replace whole rows of teeth or parts of smiles with dentures. However, sometimes dentures can become loose, which can cause a number of embarrassing and uncomfortable problems. Keep reading to learn why you may have a loose denture in Newtown and what your dentist can do to secure your smile.

Why is My Denture Loose?

Dentures can become loose for many reasons, but the most common is bone resorption. This occurs when your gums begin to shrink because they no longer need to support your teeth. You can prevent this by using your jaw as much as possible to keep it healthy and strong. A balanced diet is key and even chewing a variety of foods will give your jaw the workout that it needs.

Another common reason they may become loose is wear and tear. Overtime, your chewing, talking, and laughing may cause your dentures to become loose. Additionally, if you clean them using hot water, it may warp the resin on the base of your denture. This can affect the snug fit that brand-new dentures can achieve.

How Do I Know if My Denture Isn’t Fitting Properly?

It will be easy to tell when your denture is loose or ill-fitting. Your dentures can slip and slide in your mouth when chewing or talking, and you may notice a clicking noise when you speak. Also, you might feel some irritation or discomfort caused by the friction of your loose denture on your gums.

What Can My Dentist Do to Help?

If you notice that your denture is loose, it’s important to contact your dentist right away to minimize any irritation or discomfort. Your dentist may suggest using denture adhesive, which is a way you can secure your dentures to your gums for a more functional smile. They also may suggest a new set of dentures in Newtown because the base is worn or warped.

If loose dentures continue to be an issue, your dentist may recommend implant retained dentures. With this option, your dentist uses a few strategically placed dental implants (artificial tooth roots placed in your jawbone) to act as anchors for your denture. That way, you can simply click your denture in and out of your smile for a removable yet stable fit.

Do you have loose fitting dentures that are bothering your mouth? Contact your dentist to get started on a beautifully full and functional smile.

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