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How to Make Sure Your Teen Sticks to Their Invisalign Treatment During School

August 4, 2021

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Has your teenager recently started Invisalign? Summer is a great time for kids to begin this orthodontic treatment. Because your son or daughter isn’t at school, you can guide them on how to wear their aligners properly – and make sure they’re wearing them as often as they should be! Now that we’re in the back-to-school season again, you may be wondering whether your Invisalign teen will stick to their treatment plan. Here are some tips that can help!  

Pack Soft, Invisalign-Friendly Foods for Lunch

Ensuring that your child eats healthy can be challenging enough without adding Invisalign into the mix. The treatment tends to make the teeth sore, especially when the patient switches to a new set of trays. When chewing is uncomfortable, your teen may be less inclined to eat.

To help your teen get the nutrients they need, pack a lunch with soft foods that are easy on the teeth. Soup, yogurt, oatmeal, and smoothies are all great choices. Not only do they taste great, but they contain enough protein to help your child perform well in their classes.

Purchase Invisalign Removal Tools

Another reason why your Invisalign teen may hesitate to eat at school is the difficulty of taking out their aligners beforehand. This process is the most challenging soon after beginning a new set of trays, so removal can be uncomfortable.

Invisalign removal tools make this process much easier. These slim plastic devices hook onto the trays and pull them out comfortably. No longer does your teen have to do so with their fingers, which can introduce germs into the mouth. Plus, these tools often fit easily into their Invisalign carrying case.

Prepare for Invisalign Discomfort

If the trays are uncomfortable, your teen may leap at every opportunity they get to remove their aligners. Help them relieve their pain by purchasing dental wax (which can be placed on rough edges of the aligners) and a peroxide-based mouthwash (which soothes mouth sores). Also, encourage your teen to switch to a new aligner set right before bed. This will help them sleep through the first several hours of the adjustment process.

Prevent Invisalign Bad Breath

Teens may feel self-conscious if their aligners give them bad breath, so they might not wear them at school. The good news is that good oral hygiene can fix this problem. Ideally, your teen should brush their teeth (and their tongue) and floss after eating and before placing the trays back in their mouth. This reduces oral bacteria that contribute to not only bad breath, but also cavities. Your teen can show off a healthy smile without worrying about any odors.

Getting your teenager to do something can feel impossible at times, but these tips can help your son or daughter finish their Invisalign treatment on time. They’ll be flashing their straight pearly whites before they know it!

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