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Children’s Dentistry in Newtown

Portrait of a smiling familyHere at The Dentists of Newtown, we are known for providing high-quality, comprehensive dental care for the whole family. That includes, of course, the littlest of your crew -- our children’s dentists offer Newtown’s growing smiles the ultimate in warm, friendly dental care. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect from children’s dentistry, and how we make going to the dentist fun for kiddos!

Children’s Oral Health Needs

A lot happens inside a young person’s smile during childhood. When everything goes as it should, the first set of teeth are lost as the permanent ones begin to erupt. The recommendation is that kids should visit the dentist for the first time around their first birthday, with regular visits beginning around age 3.

Kids are most vulnerable to cavities between the ages of 6 and 14, as their developing tooth enamel has yet to fully harden. During this time, maintaining excellent oral hygiene, reducing sugar intake, and visiting the dentist regularly are absolutely crucial. When we see your little one’s smile regularly, we can provide the preventive care that keeps cavities at bay and detects them early when they do get the chance to occur.

Your Child’s Dental Appointment

Little girl at the dentistWe welcome kids of all ages into our dental practice. If it’s the first appointment, we will block off plenty of time to welcome your child with a warm, friendly approach and to answer all of your questions as well. We will peek around your little one’s mouth, count their teeth, take X-rays if needed, and then give you tips for keeping those pearly whites clean and healthy. If no follow-up care is required, we will send you off with a smile and plan on seeing you and your child again in about six months!

Making Oral Hygiene Fun at Home

In addition to visiting our office for routine checkups and cleanings, practicing excellent hygiene at home is also crucial for keeping your favorite smile healthy and growing strong. Make sure your little one brushes their teeth for two minutes, twice a day and flosses between all teeth that touch once a day.

Many children are reluctant to practice excellent oral hygiene habits. If yours is too, try these tricks to making oral hygiene something to look forward to.

Little boy pointing to a missing tooth
  • Purchase toothbrushes and pastes in their favorite characters, colors, and designs.
  • Make brushing and flossing a family event by having everyone clean together at night and in the morning.
  • Keep a progress chart and set small rewards for excellent oral hygiene habits.
  • Set a positive smile example and avoid negative language when it’s time for you to visit the dentist yourself.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

When was your little one’s last visit to the dentist? If it has been a while, don’t wait to get back on track with the preventive care that keeps young teeth growing strong. The team of children’s dentists at The Dentists of Newtown provide high quality, excellent dental care. Go ahead and book an appointment today!

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