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4 Common Dental Issues That Can Lead to Serious Problems

May 18, 2020

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Are you hoping that pain in your smile will go away on its own? Unfortunately, your teeth can’t heal themselves like the rest of your body can. Instead, the issue will get worse over time and have serious consequences for your oral health and overall wellbeing. Find out what could happen if you avoid your Newtown dentist and ignore these four common dental issues.


When your oral bacteria feeds on the sugars from the foods you eat, it produces an acid that can burn through your enamel. If not kept in check with regular brushing and flossing, this acid will continue to eat away at your teeth. Typically, this will lead to sharp, uncomfortable tooth sensitivity.

If you ignore this tell-tale sign of tooth decay, the acid will continue to burn through the layers of your teeth. This leaves your tooth’s pulp and nerve susceptible to bacteria and infection. Over time, a serious dental infection could form, and you may need root canal therapy or a tooth extraction.

Cracked Tooth

You may be tempted to put off repairing a slightly cracked tooth, especially if you can’t even see the damage. However, it’s important to remember that your enamel can’t repair itself. As you continue to put pressure on your damaged tooth by talking, eating, and living your daily life, you will slowly exacerbate the damage. Not only does this weaken your tooth and increase your risk of fracturing it, but it also allows bacteria to attack the sensitive inner layers of your tooth.

Bleeding Gums

Do your gums bleed easily when you brush or floss? You may have a bacterial infection in your gum tissue. Gums that are inflamed, red, swollen, tender, and bleed easily are typically associated with a common oral health condition called gum disease. Thankfully, the beginning stages of this dental issue are mild and easily reversed. However, if the infection is allowed to fester, it could lead to tooth loss, permanent gum damage, and jawbone weakness. Studies have even found that gum disease can increase your risk of systemic health issues like memory loss, respiratory infections, and heart disease.


While tooth pain can be caused by a wide variety of factors, most are not indicative of a dental emergency. However, a severe, long-lasting, or worsening toothache should be seen by your dentist right away. Your toothache could be an early warning sign of a dental abscess or serious tooth infection, both of which require urgent dental care to prevent them from spreading to your surrounding teeth. If left untreated, they can cause wide-spread damage in your mouth and throughout your body.

Avoid a trip to your Newtown emergency dentist and take care of these oral health issues before they have a chance to get worse!

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