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Do you want to restore a full row or arch of missing teeth? The Dentists of Newtown provide dentures and partials in Newtown, PA. This restorative dental solution can replace multiple lost teeth with natural-looking dental prosthetics. Both full or partial dentures may be removable or supported by dental implants.

Our dental professionals work with patients one-on-one to discover the best solution for their missing teeth. Please let us know if you have an old removable denture; we can replace it with a durable, new restoration.

Dentures in Newtown, Pennsylvania

Partial vs. Full Dentures

Partial dentures are dentures used for several missing teeth. Patients who do not have full rows or arches of lost teeth are good candidates for partials. Full dentures can replace an upper or lower arch of missing teeth.

Traditional dentures are removable and often held in place by either snaps or adhesives. However, more often than not, we will recommend dentures secured with dental implants.

Why Choose Implant-Secured Dentures?

Dentures that are secured by strategically-placed dental implants last longer than traditional dentures. Removable dentures require more care. Over time, they may need to be rebased or replaced. The adhesives required for many traditional dentures can be messy, and even snap-on dentures cannot provide the stability of dental implants.

Denture Treatment

Before treatment, we make sure that patients are in good health. We can provide a tooth extraction, bone grafting, or periodontal therapy prior to denture treatment to ensure that their remaining teeth or gums are in good condition. To begin, we take impressions of the gums and any remaining teeth. Using these impressions, dental lab technicians are able to create dentures that look and function like real teeth.

We will schedule the implant procedure for patients who receive implant-supported dentures. During this procedure, we surgically insert the dental implants into key areas of the mouth. After the implants heal, we can secure the denture prosthesis to the implants.

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