Custom Mouthguard Newtown, PA

Do you or your child play contact sports? You need a comfortable, custom sports mouthguard. The Dentists of Newtown provide custom mouthguards to their patients in Newtown, PA. Sports mouthguards are a general dentistry treatment that can prevent dental injuries and tooth loss.

Compared to store-bought mouthguards, custom-made professional mouthguards offer a more precise fit. With customized mouthguards, our patients do not have to worry about clenching their teeth to keep their mouthguards in their mouths. This custom fit also better protects against tooth chips, cracks, fractures, or missing teeth.

Sports Mouthguards in Newtown, Pennsylvania

Receiving a Custom Sports Mouthguard

We will take dental impressions of your teeth to create your custom mouthguard. Dental lab technicians use these impressions to create a comfortable mouthguard. Once complete, we will ensure the mouthguard fits precisely and does not feel bulky.

To maintain your mouthguard, we recommend storing it in its case. Storing the mouthguard when not in use helps maintain its shape and prevents damage or wear. Remember to clean your mouthguard after each use. You can also soak the mouthguard in a denture and nightguard cleaner that dissolves in lukewarm water. Keeping the mouthguard clean stops the buildup of infection-causing bacteria.

Can Sports Mouthguards Treat TMJ?

We do not recommend that patients use sports mouthguards to treat their TMJ disorder. TMJ disorders are caused by joint dysfunction in the joint that connects the skull and jaw bones. Patients with TMJ disorders may experience jaw and tooth pain, chronic headaches, and bruxism. Bruxism, or teeth clenching and grinding, is typically addressed with custom nightguards.

These oral appliances may seem similar to sports mouthguards. However, nightguards and sports mouthguards have different uses and are made of different materials. Sports mouthguards are

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