All On Four Newtown, PA

Do you have one or more arches of missing teeth? Are you looking for a durable, modern way to replace your teeth? Try All On Four dentures in our Newtown, PA dental office. This restorative dentistry service uses four or more dental implants to secure an arch of prosthetic teeth.

All On Four dentures are stable and permanent, which means that patients with multiple lost teeth can retain the function and look of their smiles for many years. When compared to snap-on dentures or even removable dentures, All On Four offers a stronger and longer-lasting end result.

All On Four in Newtown, Pennsylvania

The Benefits of All On Four

Patients with missing teeth receive many advantages with All On Four dentures. All On Four treatment:

  • Makes it easier to chew
  • Improves speech
  • Supports bone and gum health
  • Provides a strong restoration
  • Lasts longer than removable dentures

With All On Four dentures, patients can receive restorative results that last for many years to come. Let our team know if you have an old denture that you would like to replace, or have just begun your restorative journey. We will be happy to find the right denture for you.

All On Four Treatment

We can complete All On Four treatment in just one office visit. Using digital technology, our dental team can plan each step of treatment to align with your needs and goals. If needed, we can also extract infected teeth, provide gum disease treatment, or perform bone grafting. We want to make sure that patients are in good oral health prior to treatment.

To begin the All On Four treatment, we strategically place the implants into the jaw bone. The titanium implant post fuses with the jaw bone over a period of 3 to 6 months. After the implants are healed, we securely attach the denture prosthetic to the implants. The denture is fabricated using impressions of teeth for a natural look.

All On Four FAQs

All On Four is a popular method of replacing missing teeth. Read the answers to these frequently asked questions to learn more.

What’s the failure rate of All On Four?

Dental implants have some of the lowest failure rates of any dental restoration. However, no restoration has a 100% success rate. The failure rate of All On Four is about 3-5%. The failure occurs when the body rejects the implant post, and it doesn’t fuse with the jawbone.

Do All On Four dentures feel bulky?

All On Four dentures feel much more natural than traditional dentures, even with years of advanced dental technology. These dentures stay in your mouth all the time. They don’t come out like traditional dentures. You also regain your full bite function, which makes All On Four restorations feel natural. There is a slight adjustment period, as it’s still a new restoration your body has to get used to.

Is the All On Four procedure painful?

No, you don’t need a hospital stay or have an extended period of downtime after the procedure. We use a local anesthetic to ensure the entire area is numb before we place the dental implants. In the days following the surgery, most patients only need over-the-counter painkillers like Advil. Patients also can go back to work the very next day.

When can I eat normally after my All On Four procedure?

At the start, you’ll need to stick to a mostly liquid diet consisting of things like smoothies and soup. Gradually introduce soft foods, like mashed potatoes or yogurt, into your diet. After a week or two, you should be able to eat normally. Avoid hard or chewy foods in the interest of caution until you feel totally comfortable.

Can food get stuck under the All On Four restoration?

There shouldn’t be a chance of this with implants that are done properly. The restoration seals at the gum line, eliminating the ability for food debris to get under it.

Am I a good candidate for All On Four?

Many patients are eligible for this treatment. However, you do have to have sufficient bone structure for the implant posts to fuse with. You also have to be in good oral health. Conditions like gum disease must be managed before we can proceed with surgery. Tobacco users are less likely to get approved for implants, as smoking impacts the healing process.

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