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A New Year Equals New Dental Insurance Benefits in Newtown!

January 9, 2019

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Having dental insurance is priceless if it’s put to use. Unfortunately, less than 3% of insured Americans maximize their benefits each year. As the next 12 months get underway, you have an opportunity to join the group of people who take full advantage of their coverage. Learn why the new year is the perfect time to commit to preventive dentistry, and discover how to get the most out of your dental insurance benefits in Newtown!

How to Maximize Your Benefits

The new year provides an excellent opportunity to revamp your dental health and finally get more from your benefits. The main reason is most dental insurance companies renew coverages at this time. That means you have a clean slate to make a big impact on your oral health.

The best way to maximize your dental insurance and enhance your dental wellness is to maintain semi-annual preventive care visits.

What Happens at Preventive Care Visits?

Here are some of the typical events that will happen when you visit your dentist:

  • You’ll first meet with a dental hygienist who will discuss your medical history with you and answer any initial questions you may have.
  • Then, he or she will provide you with a thorough cleaning to remove any lingering plaque and tartar, which will also help to protect your teeth and gums.
  • Next, you’ll receive a dental examination that will identify such things as cavities and signs of gum disease.
  • Your dentist will conduct another assessment to make sure there are no traces of oral cancer or major jaw health issues.

At the end of your visit, you’ll sit down with your dentist to review the results and develop a plan of action for addressing any issues that may have been discovered.

Why Preventive Care Visits are Beneficial

There are both short- and long-term benefits of preventive care visits. Most dental insurance companies will cover up to 100% of the fees for these six-month appointments, which means that any initial costs will be minimal.

The perks don’t stop there, though. There are additional savings on a long-term basis.

By being proactive about receiving care, you’ll be less likely to need more complex forms of treatment down the road that require a greater out-of-pocket contribution. That also spells less time wasted and the avoidance of painful conditions.

How to Get Started

The path to revived oral health this year simply starts by reaching out to your dentist in Newtown to schedule your first visit. By teaming with an experienced professional, you can make this an excellent year for your oral health!

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