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Missing Teeth? Now You Can Get Dental Implants in Newtown

May 6, 2018

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An All-on-4 denture.You may have been told previously that you weren’t eligible for dental implants. This is likely because there wasn’t enough bone volume available for the implants to adhere too. It may have also been because dental implants are too expensive, especially when you need an entire arch replaced at once. Fortunately, there’s a treatment you should know about if you still want to replace teeth effectively.

Through All-on-4 dental implants in Newtown, you can get your smile’s appearance and functionality back, especially if you wear dentures already. Keep reading to learn how!

What are All-on-4 Dental Implants?

All-on-4 dental implants are implants specifically designed to work in tandem with a prosthetic, such as a top or lower denture. By placing only four dental implants in strategic areas of the mouth, your dentist can provide an immediate solution to your tooth loss. If your dentures don’t fit, feel uncomfortable, or your jawbone has started to degenerate, All-on-4 implants are a great alternative to traditional implants.

That’s because the implants used in this process are smaller than typical implants. This means you won’t need to undergo additional procedures to generate bone or make room, such as bone grafting or sinus elevations. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise on the restorative benefits dental implants offer.

What Does the Process Entail?

All-on-4 dental implants are truly the crossroad between traditional dentures and dental implants. Unlike typical dentures, the prosthetic used is not designed to be removed. The dental implants are not as large as normal implants, but still work to prevent bone resorption and allow blood flow to continue, unlike other tooth replacement options.

However, the process for All-on-4 implants is somewhat similar to dental implants. After having a consultation with your dentist, they’ll plan your complete reconstruction treatment. Once they place the four implants along your jaw, angling them to make better use of your available bone, you’ll be given a temporary set of teeth while the implants heal.

After about six to eight months of healing, you’ll return to the office to have your permanent prosthetic placed.

What are the Benefits of All-on-4?

All-on-4 implants truly offer the best of both worlds. Not only can you save money on procedures like bone grafts or sinus lifts, but you also save money on placing individual dental implants.

You can expect all the benefits of traditional dental implants, including:

  • Teeth that feel and look natural
  • A greater biting force that makes eating easier
  • No longer needing denture adhesive for non-removable teeth
  • Bone stimulation and the ability to maintain your face’s natural elasticity

All-on-4 gives patients a real opportunity to replace teeth effectively, even when they were previously told they couldn’t. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to learn more about Teeth in a Day in Newtown!

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