Sedation Dentistry Newtown, PA

Do you or a loved one suffer from dental anxiety? Dental sedation can help. Our office provides patients with sedation dentistry solutions in Newtown, PA. Sedation is a general dentistry treatment method typically used during dental procedures to calm and relax patients. However, sedation can also be beneficial for patients with a fear of the dentist, a fear of loud noises, or generalized dental anxiety.

We want all of our patients to feel comfortable when they visit our office, which is why we use sedation and other methods to relax anxious patients. Dental sedation alleviates dental fear and anxiety, reduces the gag reflex, and allows for multiple treatments in one visit.

Sedation dentistry benefits both our professional dental team and our patients. It allows dentists to provide more efficient care while the patient is relaxed and comfortable.

Sedation Dentistry in Newtown, Pennsylvania

Types of Dental Sedation

With dental sedation, patients can feel comfortable when they visit the dentist. There are a variety of dental sedation options that are each administered in different ways:

  • Nitrous Oxide: Nitrous oxide is a gas that is delivered through a cannula or mask. With nitrous oxide, patients will feel relaxed and even giggly. Patients will also not remember their treatment, but they will be able to drive to and from their appointment. This is because nitrous oxide takes effect and wears off quickly.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation: Taken prior to treatment, oral conscious sedation is a pill that calms patient anxiety. Because this sedation is taken before a dental procedure, patients will need to be driven to and from their appointment. Oral conscious sedation allows patients to remain partially conscious during treatment, although they will not remember the procedure.
  • IV Sedation: This type of sedation is delivered through an IV and into the bloodstream. Patients feel extremely relaxed under IV sedation, and it will take several hours for the sedation to wear off. They will also require someone else to drive them to their appointment.

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